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 Posted: Mon May 28th, 2018 09:27 pm
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If you just want to copy and paste plain text, the best solution is to use the Quick Reply box instead of the main post editors.

The WYSIWYG editors in UltraBB run the browsers in Design Mode. There is no agreed standard on how this should work, and each browser is different. Some browsers use full CSS paragraphs for newlines, some use DIVs, some insert <BR> tags.

When it comes to the formatting for indenting, centred text, etc., it gets even more of a minefield.

I have spent hours delving into this and updating my posting editor in PHP to handle the latest versions of browsers, but it is a moving feast, I can't keep up. For example the latest version of Firefox this month has broken the Quote function. It was fine before.

There are 3rd-party editors such as CK Editor which are used on other forums and could be tried on UltraBB, but they are just as flaky. For example CK Editor fails miserably on Microsoft Edge.