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Illustrated below are some of the key features included with UltraBB. You can click on any of the images to see a larger view. Read about many more features here: Feature List

Admin selectable side column layout

UltraBB lets you instantly arrange your board with 8 pre defined menu/side box options, selectable in the admin panel. You can add and edit content of the side column boxes through the admin panel also.
Left Column
Right Column
Both Columns
Menu Left
Menu Right
Menu Left Plus
Menu Right Plus


Pre Installed Themes

These are the 4 pre installed themes included with the software. The Simple theme is mostly CSS based and runs quick even on slower internet connections due to the lack of images.

Friends And Ignore Functions

You can add a friend or ignore a member with one click while in a topic that they have posted in OR their profile. Your friends appear in a list where you can view them, remove them from the list or send any or all of them a PM. Adding a member to your ignore list will make their posts disappear in topics, instead you will see the bar in the example. The post will appear if you click the link.
Friend List
Ignore Function

One Of Many

Adjustable Subforum Layouts

Subforum layout is a snap with UltraBB! You have 16 combinations to choose from with the controls shown in the first illustration. You can assign a different icon set to the subs than is used for the main forums also.

Admins Can Change Passwords

Probably one of the most requested features since we have been helping with software. No more re registering or countless searches through your bloated E-mail spam folder, simply ask the admin "Can you change my password to XXXXXX please?"
Change Password

Spam Protection

Captcha Style Spam Protection

We spent a year researching the different types of automated spamming routines and came up with a regular looking Captcha system that uses an unusual type of font that modern OCR routines simply do not see. Since implimenting it there have been no confirmed automated sign ups on any UltraBB install. Remember please that there is a recent trend of human based spam and if registration is open on your board you can not stop humans!

Group Color Selecter

Every group, existing or created by admins can be given it's own color. You can select a color from the popup or enter the hex code for your favorite color in the box.
Group Colors

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